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gambling card game

If you were to ask for the answer to a gambling card game crossword clue, you would find many possible answers. From Blackjack to Poker, table and card games are some of the most popular games in any casino. As online casino gaming is growing in popularity, crossword puzzle creators are also jogging the minds of players who love numbers with puzzles that involve a card gambling game. Acing these puzzles can be for fun or lucrative wins. As a result, don’t just try the puzzles before you familiarize yourself with the games. Your money will be at stake!

You might find these clues just about anywhere on the internet or celebrity magazines. But, it can be hard to determine the answer if you don’t know the general characteristics of card games. However, you can increase your confidence and chances of winning with the proper preparation. This involves learning about the different games so that getting gambling card game crossword answers will be easy when given the clues. This information also comes in handy when you are playing card game gambling against the banker, another player or your friends at home at the casinos.

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  • There are crossword puzzles that involve gambling card games
  • Using clues requires that you understand common card games and related vocabulary

Some Card Games To Have in Mind When Answering Puzzles

You will find crossword puzzles based on various card games played in casinos today. If a clue reads something like “gambling card game 3 letters”, you need to understand common card games and vocabulary to solve such a puzzle. Though innovators are coming up with new games, some have stood the test of time. In fact, many of the new games are just a variation of the old types. For instance, Baccarat is played widely in the United States but it’s a version of a French gambling card game known as Chemin de Fer.


pokerPoker is a five-draw card game that calls for strategy and skill. Poker can be played in a live casino or online. A puzzle that involves this game can be asked in various ways. Bear in mind that the trivia isn’t supposed to be so obvious.

This makes the creators come up with tricks when asking even simple things. For instance, you may come across a clue that says “gambling card game beginning with v.” Definitely, one of the answers you will need to think about is “video poker” since people are now playing online.


Also known as Loo, this 17th-century trick-taking game involves playing for as many rounds as necessary to have one person fall for the trick. When a particular person doesn’t make a move during the game, they are said to have been “looed.”A close relative of this scenario of shaming in gambling card game loo is exercised in the Durak card game. In the latter, the player who remains with cards in their hand is a fool i.e durak. However, it’s important to note that lanterloo is a trick-taking game while durak is a shedding card game.

  • Look for game characteristics that aren’t common
  • Beware of not-so-known card games as they could be the answer to your puzzle
  • Consider unique characteristics


A puzzle in the crossword can also involve gambling card game names. In this case, you need to know the details of a game and its creator or origin. Gin is another well-known card game that is not very common to youngsters today. Also known as Gin Rummy, this game is played by two players. It was designed by Elwood T. Baker and C. Graham Baker in 1909. The main aim of this game is to accumulate numerous points within the limit of 100. In the end, the winner will have 10 cards in a set of 3 or more matching cards.

Other Cues to Lookout For

The ideas for testing are as wide as anyone can imagine. While one creator might want to test your knowledge in the game’s origin, another might want to try something about the spelling or card letters characterizing a winning combination. For example, you might see a description like “gambling card game crossword clue 3 letters” that might point you to the names of card games such as Gin or Loo. In this case, keep in mind that a sharp crossword puzzle creator will focus on a unique characteristic of a game to avoid contradiction.


Today, players are sharing information to make things easier for others. So, next time you are planning to fill a crossword puzzle, scour the internet or celebrity magazines to see if you can find any clues. However, having a gambling card game list that details each game’s characteristics will be beneficial. The trivia is designed to be mind-boggling and creators look for ways to make it as tricky as possible. If you are betting, don’t just take chances. Prepare well by having intimate knowledge of the topics in question so that you can stand a chance of earning good money.

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