Different types of casino games you can find online!

different kinds of casino games online

There’s a bunch of different casino games to choose from on the market and either you can enjoy them all or choose a favourite. Those games are developed by different companies and some are more popular than others. The games you play at an online casino are always controlled by a random number generator, which means they are games of chance. Despite the huge range, the most popular games are video slots.

If you’ve never played a casino game before then you might not know which one you should try out first. In this article, we will help you by explaining the different kinds of games that you can find online and what they are all about. In that way, you can find out which of the game types will suit your needs the most. Down below you can read about the following:

  • Slots
  • Jackpot slots
  • Table games
  • Live casino games
  • Bingo


There are thousands of slots available online and most of them are video slots. However they all originate from the old time slot machines. They consist of different amounts of spinning reels, most commonly five and three rows, though this varies as well. You can choose from many different themes and volatility depending on which game experience you wish for. Among the greatest developers of video slots nowadays are NetEnt and Microgaming.

Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are like video slots, but with a progressive jackpot tied to it. This jackpot increases by every bet made on the slot machine and it can reach millions of dollars before it’s paid out to one lucky winner. One of the most famous jackpot slots on the market is Mega Moolah by Microgaming, as well as Mega Fortune created by NetEnt. They both have a history of giving out huge wins.

Table games

Table games consist of card games and dice games and they are played against a computerised dealer. Blackjack and Roulette are the most popular types of table games to be found online, and they have different variations for you to choose from. Baccarat is another table game played with cards, as well as different kinds of poker. You can also try your luck with craps that is played with dice.

Live casino games

If you want an experience that reminds you of playing on a land-based casino then you should take a look at the live games available at your favourite casino. There you will find table games like those mentioned above, but instead of playing against a computer you will play with a real live dealer. You can interact with the dealer through chat and he or she will control the game while you can see everything through live stream.


Bingo is another popular game to be found on casinos online, but it isn’t every casino that offers this game. When you play bingo online you take place in a room and there are several different kinds of bingo types to choose from. The rules are however always the same, to get a line of numbers on a game card. While playing bingo you can interact with other players through a chat.